The Fastest, Most Accurate Method for Microbial Testing


The PathogINDICAtor® qPCR Microbial Detection Platform is the only peer reviewed microbial testing method that is designed specifically for use on cannabis flower, making it most accurate method for detecting harmful microbes on cannabis. Furthermore, qPCR testing returns results in hours, not days, making it the fastest method for microbial testing on the market.

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Fewer False Positives

A variety of micro organisms can grow in a culture medium. When using a plating method, you can’t be sure whether all or any of the colonies are the target microbes. PathogINDICAtor qPCR kits precisely target state mandated microbial contaminants to guard against costly false positives.



Faster Results

The entire PathogINDICAtor process, from DNA extraction to qPCR results, can be completed in less than 24 hours. That means your lab will be able to handle more volume and your customers will spend less time waiting for their results.


Happier Customers

A microbial testing failure costs growers valuable time and money. Furthermore, treating cannabis flower with pesticides can negatively affect the quality of product growers bring to market. Providing your customers with more accurate results, fewer false positives, and quicker results will ensure that your customers will continue to use your lab for microbial testing for every harvest.

Fully Validated on Cannabis

Medicinal Genomics developed the PathogINDICAtor platform on cannabis and provides extensive validation data that details the performance of PathogINDICAtor specifically for the cannabis plant.

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Internal Controls Included

Every PathogINDICAtor test reaction includes an internal cannabis control, which gives assurance that each reaction has proceeded correctly. No other microbial testing platforms include internal cannabis controls, which assure the operator that the results can be trusted.

Decontamination Protocol

PathogINDICAtor kits include DREAM™ PCR, a proprietary onboard decontamination protocol that prevents genetic material from a previous test from contaminating subsequent test runs. This simplifies lab operations by eliminating the need for isolated pre- and post-PCR cleanup areas to prevent cross-test contamination.

Coverage for All State Requirements

Medicinal Genomics offers a variety of testing kits that cover each of the microbial tests that are required by the various state regulatory agencies. Medicinal Genomics also offers multiplex kits, which allow labs to test for multiple targets in one reaction, saving on time and labor, while increasing instrument run sample capacity by 33%.

New! Multiplex Kits:

E. coli and Salmonella
STEC E. coli and Salmonella
Total Enterobacteriaceae and Coliform

Individual Kits:

Total Yeast and Mold
Total Aerobic Count
Aspergillus niger
Aspergillus fumigatus
Aspergillus flavus

Research and Publications

Medicinal Genomics has done extensive research into the microbiome of the cannabis plant and shared its findings through peer-reviewed papers, articles, and videos. The hope is that these materials will educate the cannabis community about the many advantages of qPCR as a microbial testing method.

Cannabis microbiome sequencing reveals several mycotoxic fungi native to dispensary grade Cannabis flowers

The Live versus Dead Debate: Conflating Viability with Risk 

A discordant “Ring Test” in Cannabis microbiological safety testing resolved with Next Generation Sequencing



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