The Most Sophisticated Cannabis and Microbial DNA Purification Technology


The SenSATIVAx® Plant/Microbial DNA Purification Kit provides a fast and easy way to isolate plant and microbial DNA from whole plant samples. Sample input can include freshly cut or cured leaf or flower material and requires a small amount of sample (0.25g) in comparison to traditional plate based methods. Each resulting purified sample contains sufficient DNA for several applications including microbial testing, plant sex testing, and strain identification and registration.

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Simple to perform magnetic bead based protocol requires no organic extraction.


The DNA from a leaf or flower sample can be extracted and purified in just 45 minutes.


Process a single sample or up to 96 samples at a time. Compatible with 96 and 384-well plate automation formats.

The SenSATIVAx Process

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The SenSATIVAx Kit is a modified technology similar to the DNA purification technology used to sequence for the Human Genome Project at MIT. This technology serves to capture hydrophilic (water loving) DNA while washing away lipophillic (fat loving) compounds. The process also uses a 96 well magnetic plate, which eliminate the need for high speed centrifuges or filtration significantly reducing costs, plastic waste and time required to isolate DNA.

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