The StrainSEEK® cannabis and hemp strain identification and registration service is the first and only genetics based service to reliably identify cannabis and hemp strains. It is also the largest and most comprehensive cannabis genetic assay, covering a total of 3 megabases, including cannabinoid and terpene synthase genes as well as loci from all published cannabis data. The StrainSEEK service provides cultivators with a reliable source of genetic data that can be used to identify markers for key characteristics.

The Benefits of Registering Your Strain’s Genetics

Command Premium Pricing for Your Strain

A survey of cannabis patients and adult consumers found that nearly half of respondents are willing to pay more for products made with premium strains of marijuana. Cannabis strains that have been genetically sequenced using the StrainSEEK Identification and Registration Service can demonstrate a level of confidence and reliability to consumers that can command premium pricing.

Provide Additional Information to Your Comsumers

Each strain you identify and register using the StrainSEEK service will have a unique webpage on, which lists the strain’s key characteristics (cannabinoids, terpenoids, etc.) and genetic relationship to other registered strains. A QR code that links to your strain’s Kannapedia page can be used at the point of sale as a way for consumers to access additional information about your strain.


Protect Your Strain from Competition and Corporations

We provide growers with documentation that can be used to protect strains from corporations that may file genetic patents in the future and competitors who may claim to have your strain. We do this by publishing your strain’s unique genetic ID to a disaster-proof web database to establish a timestamped ownership record.

Optimize Your Growing and Breeding Operations

You will receive a genetic report that contains important information about your strain, including its genetic health and closest genetic relatives. Additionally, associations will be made between genetic variations and plant characteristics, allowing you and other cannabis growers to selectively breed plants for certain physical and chemical characteristics.

Genetics and the Cannabis Industry

Genetics is beginning to play a bigger role in the cannabis industry, not only for informing breeding decisions, but also for sexing plants, detecting harmful microbes, patenting strains, and more. Medicinal Genomics Chief Science Officer, Kevin McKernan, describes the current state of cannabis genetics and how growers can use genetic technology to improve their business.

Ready to Get Started?

Medicinal Genomics can accept fresh stem samples directly from cultivators for sequencing. Simply purchase StrainSEEK from our webstore and we will send a stem collection kit to your address with instructions on how to collect your sample.