Speed, Confidentiality, and Precision

With the youPCR™ On-Site Genetic Testing Platform cannabis growers can quickly, easily, and inexpensively screen cannabis plants for genetic markers on-site, without involving a third-party testing lab. The colorimetric assay provides a simple yes/no answer about whether a cannabis plant contains a specific DNA marker. If the liquid changes color, the marker is present.


Performing marker-selected screening on-site means you get results in hours, not days.


Keep your marker selection efforts in-house, and stop shipping cannabis material to other labs that may intend to compete with you with your own data.


The youPCR process requires no advanced laboratory techniques or expensive equipment.

youPCR Tests

youPCR Gender Detection Test

Growing from seeds? The youPCR Gender Detection Test looks for the Y chromosome in the plant’s DNA, so you can quickly and accurately identify male cannabis plants in your grow. Over 95% accurate.

youPCR CBD Marker Test

Breeding high-CBD strains? The youPCR CBD Marker Test looks for the Bd allele in the plant’s DNA, which is associated with CBD synthesis.

The youPCR Process

1. Collect 4mm punches from each plant leaf into a strip tube.

2. Add youPCR Solution A to each well.

3. Heat the wells with miniPCR machine or thermocycler for 25 minutes.

4. Remove liquid from each well and pipette into a new strip tube that contains youPCR Solution B reagents and the Colorimetric LAMP assay.

5. Heat the new strip tube for another 50 mins.

6. See the results! Samples that contain the target marker will change from pink to yellow, while negative results will remain pink.

Ready to Get Started?

The youPCR On-Site Genetic Screening Platform can be used on a both the miniPCR thermocycler and standard-sized thermocyclers. Use the lists below to purchase the equipment needed for both.

MiniPCR Thermocycler




Miscellaneous plastics and tubes

Standard Thermocycler



  • Any programmable 96 well cycler with a heated lid is required. qPCR detection is not required. Confirm your cycler works with the recommended 96 well plates.
  • Low-Budget but laborious alternative- Non programmable < $400 96 well heat blocks from Thermo Scientific (CAT NO:88871001) have been tested. These require an additional timer to change the temperature 5 times during the course of the run.
    • 65C 20min= instaPrep
    • 95C 8min= denature
    • 65C 45min =iso thermal amp
    • 80C 5min=heatkill
    • 25C forever =visualization

These do not have a heated lid so two of them are required (one for the 96 well base plate and one flat block to invert as a heated lid). Use the recommended allen handles for handling heated blocks. The inverted heated lid can be left at 85C for the entire run. Only the base plate device requires timer driven temperature changes.

Miscellaneous plastics and tubes