Any genome that doesn’t respond to our primers is sequenced to verify the organisms taxonomy.

Fusarium proliferatum ATCC_76097

ATCC Accession

2x150bp Illumina Miseq assembled with Spades. Quast Report: N50 ~542Kb

Contigs are only 97% identical to GCA_900067095.

Unlikely to be proliferatum

Aspergillus niger ATCC 10577

100% match to specified 18S and D1/D2 regions at ATCC.

97% match to Aspergillus niger in other parts of the genome.

99.97% Mitochondrial match to Aspergillus luchuensis. 96.07% Mitochondrial match to Aspergillus niger.

BLAST report from WGS assembly of Suspected Aspergillus species