The Most Accurate, Affordable, and Scalable Microbial Testing Solution for California


The PathoSEEK® Microbial Safety Testing Platform is the only method designed for and validated on cannabis flower, extracts, and a variety of infused products. PathoSEEK uses qPCR technology, an established safety testing method in the food industry and medicine that has been used in several peer-reviewed studies.

Fewer False Positives

PathoSEEK assays detect target organisms on a genetic level, searching for unique DNA sequences associated with each organism, or group of organisms. This prevents costly false positives. Conversely, research has shown culture-based methods often grow off-target organisms, leading to false positives and more pesticide usage.

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Test for all six microbial targets listed in the California regulations for inhaled products, using just two wells on a 96-well plate. This means you can test 46 samples on a single instrument run, driving costs down to under $3 per target organism, including consumables!

Scalable & Flexible

The qPCR-based platform was designed for a seamless transition to automation, and scripts for Hamilton robotics are available for immediate turnkey installation. The equipment can also be used to perform youPCR Plant Screening tests for plant gender, pests, and genetic markers.

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Fully Validated on Cannabis

Medicinal Genomics validated its PathoSEEK tests on a variety of cannabis matrices (flower, extract, and infused products) and provides extensive validation data upon request.

Used in ISO 17025 Labs

PathoSEEK is currently being used in ISO 17025 labs, and all Medicinal Genomics chemicals and reagents are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards. An ISO 17025 accredited lab in Massachusetts also contributed data for the manufacturer validation document.

Internal Controls Included

Every PathoSEEK test reaction includes an internal cannabis control, which gives assurance that each reaction has proceeded correctly and results can be trusted. No other cannabis microbial testing platform includes internal cannabis controls.

Decontamination Protocol

PathoSEEK kits include an optional decontamination protocol that prevents genetic material from a previous test from contaminating subsequent test runs. The DREAM™ PCR decontamination protocol simplifies lab operations by eliminating the need for isolated pre- and post-PCR cleanup areas to prevent cross-test contamination. Read More

Two Assays Cover All State Requirements

Medicinal Genomics has multiplexed STEC and Salmonella into one assay as well as all four pathogenic species of Aspergillus. This is great news for labs with high volumes because more tests can fit on each instrument run.

Inhaled Products Plate Setup

STEC & Salmonella Multiplex + Aspergillus Multiplex = 46 samples per plate

Non-Inhaled Products Plate Setup

STEC & Salmonella Multiplex = 94 samples per plate

*All Medicinal Genomics chemicals and reagents are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards.

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Research and Publications

Medicinal Genomics has done extensive research into the microbiome of the cannabis plant and shared its findings through peer-reviewed papers, articles, and videos. The hope is that these materials will educate the cannabis community about the many advantages of qPCR as a microbial testing method.

Cannabis microbiome sequencing reveals several mycotoxic fungi native to dispensary grade Cannabis flowers

The Live versus Dead Debate: Conflating Viability with Risk 

A discordant “Ring Test” in Cannabis microbiological safety testing resolved with Next Generation Sequencing