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Project 1) We sequence patients with Epilepsy who are being treated with CBD. Our goal is to find a genetic signature for positive response to CBD. This information will assist parents in making important relocation decisions. Medicinal Genomics and Courtagen (Parent company) is sequencing over 100 Dravet syndrome patients with the hope of contributing to this field. You can help support this research with Bitcoin donations.

Project 2) We are designing qPCR assays for mold and bacteria contamination relevant to cannabis use. For information about this research please see this link.

BitCoin Address: 14Uv6jjeNAf4uq4uUep3ba231N5j6b4APN

BitCoin Address: 14Uv6jjeNAf4uq4uUep3ba231N5j6b4APN

Our Bitcoin Address 14Uv6jjeNAf4uq4uUep3ba231N5j6b4APN