Fully Validated, Highly Scalable, Male Plant DNA Test


The FemINDICAtor® qPCR Plant Gender Detection Assay uses DNA technology to identify male cannabis plants weeks before they show any visual sex features. Males can then be removed from a grow in order to maintain female flowers rich in cannabinoids. This method is an improvement over traditional visual inspection because it allows growers to identify male plants earlier, more accurately, and with less labor.


DNA is extracted from one of the plant’s leaflets (as early as the second set of true leaves) using the SenSATIVAx® protocol, and then run on the FemINDICAtor assay to determine the plant’s sex. Instrument run time is just 3 hours.


MCR Labs in Massachusetts accurately identify over 99% of the males within a cannabis planting of more than 900 seedlings.


The FemINDICAtor Assay eliminates the need for time-consuming visual inspections, which are often prone to human error.

*All Medicinal Genomics chemicals and reagents are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards.

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