Grow Smart This Season with qPCR

Whether you are growing with traditional seed, feminized seed, or clones this season, Medicinal Genomics has early detection tools that can help ensure a successful harvest.

Hemp seed

Planting Feminized Seeds?

Confirm They are All-Female

Use the FemINDICAtor qPCR Plant Sex Detection Assay to test a sub-sample of a feminized seed batch to verify whether it is truly all female. FemINDICAtor is sensitive enough to detect just one male seed in batch of 100.

Small cannabis sprout growing from soil, white background.

Planting Traditional Seeds?

Identify and Eliminate Males Early

Approximately 40% of traditional seeds are male. With Early Gender Detection, you can determine seedlings’ sex just days after germination, for less than $5 per plant! Save on weeks worth of resources and only plant females in the field this season!

Small cannabis sprout growing from soil, white background.

Buying Cuttings?

Screen Incoming Clones for Viruses and Pathogens

A single infected clone can spread viruses and other pathogens throughout an entire grow, greatly reducing yield and quality. Don’t rely on visual inspections. Many viruses and pathogens remain invisible until late in the infection and can reduce yield 30%.


Taking Cuttings In-House?

Screen Mother Plants Before Cloning

Some pathogens don’t cause symptoms until flowering. Screen mother plants with PathoSEEK qPCR Plant Pathogen and Virus Assays before taking any cuttings and prevent dozens of clones from contaminating your garden.


A Versatile Cannabis Testing Solution

One qPCR Instrument can be used to test perform valuable tests throughout your plants’ lifecycle. Click on each quadrant to learn more.

Partnered with Industry-Leading Equipment

Medicinal Genomics Corporation is proud to be signed as a US Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Agilent. MGC will sell Agilent’s Aria qPCR instruments and Bravo, Agilent’s liquid handling DNA purification and lab automation platform in the U.S. These products will allow MGC to provide more options to clients looking to scale their cannabis testing operations and increase volume while maintaining the very highest standards for testing accuracy and efficiency. Contact us today to get a quote.

Agilent Bravo NGS A Liquid Handler


High Throughput and Improved Reproducibility with a Small Footprint

  • Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling platform
  • Agilent 96 Channel Disposable Tip Head: LT

Agilent AriaMx qPCR Instrument


Fully Integrated qPCR Amplification, Detection, & Data Analysis System

  • Agilent AriaMx Real-Time PCR instrument
  • Filters required: SYBR/FAM, ROX, HEX, and CY5

Hear From Our Customers

  • From a cultivation standpoint, Early Gender Detection is an awesome tool for us to have in our arsenal. The ability to know which plants are females about 10 days after germinating a pack of seeds saves us time and money. No more wasting precious resources and even more precious space growing out "useless" males.

    David Critzer
    David Critzer Tissue Culture Biologist, Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center
  • Conventional breeding methods take a lot of time, labor, and off-site lab testing that slows down our breeding process and costs a lot of money! With the ability to accurately detect plant gender from our seedlings, our selection process has become much easier.

    Jesse Leach
    Jesse Leach Colorado Seed Inc.

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