National Media

Medicinal Genomics CEO, Brian McKernan, on Cannabis Radio – “Medicinal Genomics for Individual Patients

Project CBD Article – “Sequencing the Cannabis Genome” featuring Medicinal Genomics

Kevin McKernan: Medicinal Genomics from Project CBD on Vimeo.

How genetics is reshaping the marijuana industry- The genetic revolution comes to cannabis

Lets Talk Bitcoin- Ebola and the body blockchain – How can block chain tools facilitate peer review, digital medical records and help crowd fund research in the Ebola space? What does this have to do with Cannabinoids?

Liberty Radio Network- Porc Therapy’s Stephanie Murphy – Laws regarding the science of cannabis, Ron Paul, Microbiomes and the TSA, Transposons, epigenetics, Darwin vs Lamarck, Gene Patents, the FDA and herbal medicine. Ray Kurzweil and Moore’s Law and Genetic Information Non Descrimination Act.

Boston Radio 1510AM discusses with LEAP and Medicinal Genomics – Discussion of the war on drugs and the medicinal use of cannabis

TWF1 Jan29-1 – John Amabile: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition or LEAP

Bio-IT World-Sept 27 – Kevin McKernan Leaves Life Technologies on a High

The Emily Rooney Show on NPR/WGBH – Rethinking the possibilities and pitfalls of pot.

Medicinal Genomics Sequences the Cannabis Genome to Assemble the Largest Known Gene Collection of this Therapeutic Plant

Medicinal Genomics Sequences the Cannabis Genome Using Roche’s GS FLX+ System

Marijuana DNA Sequenced by Startup
By Meg Tirrell

Genetic code of cannabis reported unlocked
CBS News

Cracking The Marijuana Genome In Search Of Therapeutic Highs
By Eliza Barclay
NPR’s Health Blog

International Business Times
K. Cameron Lau

Sequencing The Marijuana Genome To Cure Disease, Get You Less High
Ariel Schwartz

Marijuana’s Genetic Code Sequenced

Marijuana’s Genetic Code Sequenced
U.S. News and World Report

Genetic code of marijuana to be published

Marijuana Plant Sequenced
Scientific American

Genome of Marijuana Sequenced and Published
By Paul Adams
Popular Science

DREAM PCR Interview with Kevin McKernan
By Madeleine Johnson


Local News

The Salem News – Local scientist aims to unlock medical potential of marijuana
Jesse Roman

Marijuana’s Genetic Code Sequenced

Marblehead startup seeks to unlock secrets of cannabis
By Carolyn Johnson

Startup Maps Marijuana Genome to Further Understand Therapeutic Benefits
By Ayla Rosen
Boston Innovation

Medicinal Genomics weeds out cannabis genome
By James Connolly
Mass High Tech


Science Focused Publications

Medicinal Genomics Sequences the Genome of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica

Genome Sequencing hits a ‘high’ note
Drug Discovery News 8/26/2011
Kelsey Kaustinen

Weed sequenced. No really – weed.

By Heidi Ledford

Genome Digest: Meet the species whose DNA has recently been sequenced
By Tia Ghose
The Scientist

Mary Jane’s First Genome
Bio-IT World

Medicinal Genomics Team Announces Sequencing of Two Cannabis Genomes

Videos on Cannabinoids

PBS 1hr tutorial: Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis