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The PathoSEEK® Microbial Safety Testing Platform is the only method designed for and validated on cannabis flower, extracts, and a variety of infused products. The PathoSEEK platform uses qPCR technology, an established safety testing method in the food industry and medicine that has been used in several peer-reviewed studies.

Fewer False Positives

PathoSEEK assays detect target organisms on a genetic level, searching for unique DNA sequences associated with each organism, or group of organisms. This prevents costly false positives. Conversely, research has shown culture-based methods often grow off-target organisms, leading to false positives and more pesticide usage.

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Fast Results

Next-day results mean your lab can handle more volume and your customers will spend less time waiting for their results. Also, Medicinal Genomics can assist with validation to make sure your lab is quickly up and running with microbial testing.

Easily Automated

Thanks to our partnership with Hamilton Robotics, we offer turnkey automation solutions that can increase your lab’s throughput up to 500%, so you can process more samples and keep customers happy.

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Grim Reefer Free DNA Removal Kit

Eliminate Free DNA, Only Detect Viable Organisms

The Grim Reefer Free DNA Removal Kit eliminates free DNA from samples prior to qPCR analysis. This provides a quick, accurate, and affordable solution to a problem that has haunted labs using DNA-based methods. Use Grim Reefer to ensure DNA from dead organisms does not inflate quantitative results from PathoSEEK® Microbial Safety Testing Assays.


Environmental Screening

Screen Your Environment for Microbes and Pathogens

Plant pathogens can infect cannabis crops at the roots, crown, and foliage, reducing their ability to grow. Molds can also colonize the cannabis flower during development or after harvest, which can compromise quality and pose a health risk to consumers. Cannabis cultivators and processors can use PathoSEEK to screen their environment and equipment!



Find Out Why a Sample Failed

If a sample fails Total Yeast and Mold or Total Aerobic Count, we have the ability to identify which microbial species triggered a  failure, thanks to our The PathoSEEK® ID service. Customers receive an interactive report that shows the percentage breakdown of microbes in the sample. This valuable information can help you identify the microbes that are responsible for their failure, so you can take steps to prevent future failures.


The Top Cannabis Testing Labs Trust PathoSEEK

Fully Validated on Cannabis

Medicinal Genomics validated its PathoSEEK tests on a variety of cannabis matrices (flower, extract, and infused products) and provides extensive validation data upon request.

Internal Controls Included

Every PathoSEEK test reaction includes an internal cannabis control, which gives assurance that each reaction has proceeded correctly and results can be trusted. No other cannabis microbial testing platform includes internal cannabis controls.

Decontamination Protocol

PathoSEEK kits include an optional decontamination protocol that prevents genetic material from a previous test from contaminating subsequent test runs. The DREAM™ PCR decontamination protocol simplifies lab operations by eliminating the need for isolated pre- and post-PCR cleanup areas to prevent cross-test contamination. Read More

Hear from Labs Using PathoSEEK

  • We chose to use qPCR for microbial screening of cannabis at Digipath Labs for two reasons. First, Medicinal Genomics had already done the hard part, ie. creating the reagent kits for each microbial category and completing the validation on cannabis matrix to arrive at the more recognizable CFU/g conversion. That helps state regulators begin to understand the relationship of genomic screening to conventional plating methods such as 3M’s petrifilms. Second, there are many limitations with conventional plating methods (e.g. 3M’s petrifilms and BioMuirieux’s tube-based system). Medicinal Genomics' qPCR-based microbial detection platform allows for 48-hour turnaround of testing results and has built-in flexibility for the ever-changing state-by-state microbial testing guidelines. More importantly, qPCR provides an archived digital record of raw test results for those operating under ISO 17025 accreditation.

    Cindy Orser, Ph.D
    Cindy Orser, Ph.D Chief Science Officer, DigiPath Labs
  • We chose PathoSEEK because it is more specific and faster than plate counting methods. All interactions with the Medicinal Genomics team have been positive and helpful. I would recommend the PathoSEEK platform to labs looking for a microbial testing platform because it’s designed for and validated on cannabis products.

    Justin Fischedick
    Justin Fischedick Laboratory Director, Excelsior Analytical Laboratory
  • We have used the PathoSEEK qPCR platform for our cannabis testing since opening. The system is relatively easy to use for anyone with basic molecular biology training. No specialized mycology training is required. Further, since specific genetic signatures are used rather than colony morphology, the system is less open to interpretation. Also, results are obtained quickly, helping with valuable turnaround time.

    Jonathan Rupp, Ph.D.
    Jonathan Rupp, Ph.D. CannTest
  • We have chosen to use the PathoSEEK qPCR platform for microbial testing because of its accuracy and reliability.  The Medicinal Genomics team is also friendly, helpful, and responsive to the needs of our lab to ensure our success. Classical plating methods are subject to misinterpretation and technical limitations. However, PathoSEEK utilizes targeted primers that enable us to get an accurate result and a faster turnaround time in comparison to plating methods like 3M Petrifilms or agar plates. It’s also validated for different cannabis matrices which allows us to test a wide array of cannabis products. We would strongly recommend PathoSEEK for any cannabis laboratory seeking to do faster and more accurate microbial testing on cannabis products.

    Andrew Pham
    Andrew Pham Science Director, BelCosta Labs
  • It does not get any easier than the Medicinal Genomics PathoSEEK assay for microbial testing on cannabis! The technology is based on validation performed on the complex cannabis matrix and utilizes the plant’s SCCG as an internal control. I have utilized PathoSEEK for several years now and Medicinal Genomics has continued to impress with their support, updates, and adaptability to different state’s cannabis regulation as it pertains to microbial contaminants. The added ability to scale up using robotics in my lab also leads to increase throughput setting us apart from others.

    Ini Afia
    Ini Afia Executive Lab Director, CannaSafe
  • The PathoSEEK platform has become our method of choice because of its accuracy and reliability. It utilizes PCR technology with targeted primers which allows for specific pathogenic microbes to be tested without the fear of false positives, allowing us more confident data and saving our customers the headache of arbitrarily destroying false-positive product.  The method is robust and since its validated for the wide array of cannabis matrices means we can accept a wider variety of samples with less time spent on expensive R&D. The Medicinal Genomics team has been incredibly friendly and responsive. Their applications support is top notch. Medicinal Genomics truly goes above and beyond to ensure our lab has everything we need for success.

    Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall Chief Scientific Officer, Green Scientific Labs

Coverage for All State Requirements

Medicinal Genomics offers a variety of testing kits that cover each state’s mandated microbial targets. Medicinal Genomics also offers multiplex kits, which allow labs to test for multiple targets in one reaction, saving on time and labor, while increasing instrument run sample capacity by 33%.

*All Medicinal Genomics chemicals and reagents are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards.

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Getting Started

Getting started with the PathoSEEK Microbial Safety Testing Platform is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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