Strain-Chaining: As part of the 2016 Emerald Cup we have sequenced another 27 strains and etched their data into the Blockchain.

By placing these data into the Bitcoin Blockchain, the proof of their existence is replicated all over the world into a public ledger than can never be changed. This is important to avoid the inevitable patent trolls that will file patents on GMO or selectively bred cannabis strains once federal legalization occurs. This will afford injunctions based on false claims that your strains are actually the property of various patent assignees.  Cannabis Plant Utility Patents are already being filed in anticipation of a 2018 federal legalization. If you do not have proof of prior use, 1 year before the priority dates of these patents, they will own your strains. You can’t exactly notarize your strain at a Bank but you can digitally notarize it with Medicinal Genomics by sequencing its genome with StrainSEEK® and placing either the data public or a cryptographic key public. For those who do not want their DNA sequence information public just yet, we offer a SHA-256 digest of the sequence date. This creates a collision proof cryptographic key that only your DNA sequence file can unwind. You can use this key and data combination in a court of law to prove your strain existed at a given time. The timestamp is verifiable if you publish this Key in a Bitcoin transaction. All Bitcoin transactions have timestamps that cannot be fabricated or ever changed.

Here is an example of a GMO patent with Cannabis listed in the claims.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.09.48 AM

Here is the DNA sequence data file that contains all of the SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). It is known as a Variant Call Format or VCF file – VCF File for all of the strains

A Link to learn more about VCF files.

1.2 Million bases are genotyped with this method and each strain generates approximately 50,000 – 500,000 SNPs. SNPs used for phylotyping are extensively filtered to avoid repeats.

The SHA-256 Digest of the file producing the below Cryptographic Key.


This Key is placed into a Bitcoin transaction to timestamp its existence and replicate it all over the world in a $5 Billion ledger. The Bitcoin network is a hive of decentralized computers that together compose more Hashing power than the top 50 supercomputers combined. In order for a single transaction to be fabricated, the top 50 supercomputers in the world we be required to commit a 51% attack. If successful it could double spend one 10 minute transaction block. If such computing power were directed at mining Bitcoin, the hackers would actually make money. This game theory incentive prevents such foolish uses of computer power.

Once a bitcoin transaction is several confirmations deep in the blockchain (confirmations happen on average every 10 minutes) the attack becomes exponentially harder to perform. Since each Block is linked to the last block (chained), changing a block 10 blocks deep requires recomputing the proof of work for all blocks after it and getting 51% of the network to agree with that new version of history. This parallel reconstruction of the forked blockchain would have to occur in 10 minutes. There are not enough computers on earth to accomplish this attack making the Bitcoin Blockchain and indelible ledger protected by cryptography and game theory.

Blockchain Transaction for proof of existence of 27 Emerald Cup strains