PsiloSEEK P. cubensis Speciation Assay

Confirm your mushroom strain is truly Psilocybe cubensis and not potentially harmful Wood Lovers species.


Medicinal Genomics has simplified the identification of Psilocybe Cubensis species. This qPCR assay is used to confirm that a mushroom is in fact Psilocybe Cubensis and not a potentially harmful mushroom species that could cause adverse effects to the consumer.

Unmatched Expertise in<br />
Psychedelic Mushroom Genomics

Unmatched Expertise in
Psychedelic Mushroom Genomics

Our team published the most comprehensive, chromosome scale annotated reference genome for Psilocybe cubensis, and since then we have sequenced more than 100 P. cubensis genomes. We used that information and experience to design the PsiloSEEK assay so that labs and growers can confirm P. cubensis genetics with a simple qPCR assay. 

Designed for<br />
Flexibility and Scalability

Designed for
Flexibility and Scalability

PsiloSEEK can be run on multiple qPCR instruments and easily automated on liquid handling automation solutions from Agilent Technologies, Hamilton Robotics, and MGI/BGI. 

A Proven<br />
Record in qPCR

A Proven
Record in qPCR

Our team has provided Cannabis-specific qPCR assays to the field since 2015, covering a variety of targets, including human pathogens, plant pathogens, plant sex, genetic trait screening, and more. Testing labs around the world trust Medicinal Genomics, and several assays have received AOAC approval.

Relevant Publications

The Medicinal Genomics team has made significant contributions
to the field of psychedelic mushroom sequencing and analysis.

A whole genome atlas of 81 Psilocybe genomes
as a resource for psilocybin production.

K McKernan, L Kane, Y Helbert, L Zhang, N Houde, S McLaughlin
F1000Research 10 (961), 961


A draft reference assembly of the
Psilocybe cubensis genome

K McKernan, L Kane,  S Crawford, C Chin, A Trippe, S McLaughlin,
F1000Research 2021, 10:281

Expert Insights from Psilocydia

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Interested in Sequencing your Mushrooms?

Results are mapped to the most complete and comprehensive P. cubensis reference genome assembled by Medicinal Genomics, and reports are delivered on with the following information:

  • High-impact variants found in genes of interest such as Psilocybin and Psilosin synthase (PsiM & PsiK genes)
  • Tables comparing samples to other strains in the Psilocydia database
  • Blockchain Digital Stamping Certificates showing your strain’s genetics were submitted to the DASH blockchain to establish prior art

Psilocybe Cubensis Webinar

During this webinar we will explore:

  • Genetic variation in the Psilocybe cubensis synthesis pathway
  • The design of qPCR assays for simultaneous quantification of E. coli and Salmonella species contamination concurrent with Psilocybe cubensis species identification

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