The Largest and Most Comprehensive Cannabis Genetic Assay

The StrainSEEK® Whole Genome Sequencing Service is the only service that sequences all 400 million bases in the cannabis genome. That’s more than 1,000 times larger than any other cannabis genetic sequencing service on the market. More data means you can better protect your strain from patents, better determine if your strain is unique, better identify genetic markers for breeding, and much more.

Protect Your Strain from Patents

Demonstrating prior use is key to protecting your strain from cannabis utility patents, which are already being filed (See: Breeding of Specialty Cannabis Patent). Medicinal Genomics will submit an encrypted version of your StrainSEEK data file to the Bitcoin blockchain, which serves as public, timestamped record of prior use that can be used to defend against any future patents.

Determine if Your Strain is Unique

Your StrainSEEK report will show your strain’s closest genetic relatives from our database, and provide a genetic distance value. We have also designed the assay to include loci from the other public cannabis genomic datasets (Phylos, Lynch, Sawler), giving you the ability to compare your sequence data to any public cannabis genetics. 

Identify Genetic Markers

The StrainSEEK assay covers multiple cannabinoid and terpene synthase genes, which can help breeders and cultivators identify genetic markers for desirable traits. You may also download the raw genetic data files for further analysis of your strains genetics.

Share Genetic Information with Your Customers

Each strain that is sequenced with the StrainSEEK service will have its own webpage on, which includes a picture of the strain (if provided), potency information (if provided), and the strain’s relationship to other strains in the database. The strain is also added to our PhyloTree for a visual representation of genetic heritage. We also provide a QR code that links to your strain’s Kannapedia page that you can place on packaging as a way for consumers to access additional information about your strain.


Monitor Strain Consistency

If you are growing the same strain each harvest, periodic genetic screenings can help understand strain sturdiness and keep an eye on genetic drift. That way, patients and consumers can trust your product will deliver consistent effects from harvest to harvest.  

Genetics and the Cannabis Industry

Genetics is beginning to play a bigger role in the cannabis industry, not only for informing breeding decisions, but also for sexing plants, detecting harmful microbes, patenting strains, and more. Medicinal Genomics Chief Science Officer, Kevin McKernan, describes the current state of cannabis genetics and how growers can use genetic technology to improve their business.

Ready to Get Started?

Medicinal Genomics can accept fresh stem samples directly from cultivators for sequencing. Simply purchase StrainSEEK from our webstore and we will send a stem collection kit to your address with instructions on how to collect your sample.