Streamline Aspergillus Testing and Save with the NEW PathoSEEK® Aspergillus 5-Color Multiplex Assay

Learn all about the new PathoSEEK® Aspergillus 5-Color Multiplex Assay from the scientists who designed it! Don’t miss this chance to learn how cannabis testing labs can use this revolutionary multiplex assay to save time and money while also streamlining their workflow.


Accelerate Cannabis Breeding with In-House Sex Testing

Jesse Leach (Director of Plant Breeding and Research) and Mark Jordan (Chief Scientific Officer) from Colorado Seed share how they are using the youPCR Gender Detection assay to breed better plants, save resources, and improve efficiency. Don’t miss this chance to get insights into how one of the industry’s most innovative seed companies is using molecular tools to meet the high expectations and high volume requirements of the Colorado medical and recreational dispensary markets.


Cannabis Microbiome Sequencing: Impact on Microbial Safety Testing

Medicinal Genomics West Coast Field Application Scientist Kyle Boyar shows how DNA sequencing of both the cannabis microbiome and the conditions before and after culturing tell a tale of inaccurate methodology. Methods that are currently being employed by cannabis testing labs lead the industry astray and blind consumer and producers to the real hazards that could be present. This presentation will walk you through the data that shows this and the discoveries we’ve made along the way that will hopefully open discussions for a fresh new perspective on how to tackle microbiological contaminants in cannabis.


Screening Cannabis Plants for Pathogens and Genetic Traits

Medicinal Genomics Chief Science Officer Kevin McKernan explains how DNA-based testing can help cultivators screen plants for pathogens (powdery mildew, russet mites, botrytis, fusarium) and genetic traits (CBD synthase, THC synthase, Gender. Topics covered include: How youPCR works; Benefits of performing gender screenings in-house or sending to a lab in-state; How THCA and CBDA tests can be used to determine Type I, II, III, and IV plants; How pathogen screenings can be used to breed resistant strains; Proper sampling techniques for pathogen screenings; Benefits of using qPCR to screen plants.


Cannabis Microbial Testing with qPCR: A Fast, Accurate, and Scalable Solution

Members of the Medicinal Genomics science team explain the process of extracting DNA from cannabis samples and running PathoSEEK qPCR assays to detect microbial contamination. The team will also cover the basics of how qPCR works and why the method is more accurate, affordable, and scalable than other methods on the market. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the scientists who developed the only microbial testing method designed specifically for use on cannabis!