Identify CBD-Rich Plants Earlier

With the youPCR™ CBD Marker Assay, you can identify cannabis and hemp plants that are genetically pre-disposed to produce a significant amount of CBD, before they leave the seedling tray. A plant that tests positive for the youPCR™ CBD Marker Assay has either one or two copies of the active CBD allele, meaning it is either a Type II plant (50:50 CBD:THC) or Type III plant (all CBD), effectively ruling out a Type I plant (all THC).

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Save Time and Resources

Virtually eliminate time and resources transplanting, watering, and monitoring male plants that will ultimately have an undesirable cannabinoid profile. With the youPCR CBD Marker test, you can identify plants just one week after germination, giving you more time to care for your productive females and optimize your operation.

Accelerate Your Breeding Program

With early feedback on your plants’ genetics, you can quickly identify the group of plants you want to breed within to produce a new CBD-rich strain.

Savings Across Your Entire Operation

Early identification and elimination of cannabis or hemp plants that do not have the desired cannabinoid profile saves cultivators time and resources that would otherwise be spent bringing them to harvest.

Cut Electricity Bill

Lower Irrigation Cost

Reduce Square Footage

Curtail Labor

Flexible and Scalable

Since all current and future youPCR tests can be run on either a 8-well miniPCR thermocycler or a standard 96-well thermocycler your initial up-front equipment purchase can be used for multiple applications. Customers should consider volume when choosing which equipment solution will work in their instance. Contact a Medicinal Genomics representative who can help determine the right solution for your situation.


MiniPCR Thermocycler

Best for Small Grows

Test 6 Samples Per Instrument Run

Contact Medicinal Genomics to acquire a discount coupon code that can be used when purchasing from the miniPCR website.


Standard Thermocycler

Best for Medium to Large Grows

Test 94 Samples Per Instrument Run

Any programmable 96-well thermocycler with a heated lid will work. qPCR detection is not required.

Ready to Get Started?

If you still have questions, complete our “Contact Us” form and a Medicinal Genomics representative will contact you with details about how to get started using youPCR.