Learn How Genetic Screenings Can Save Grows and Accelerate Breeding

Learn all about screening plants for pathogens (powdery mildew, russet mites, botrytis, fusarium) and genetic traits (CBD synthase, THC synthase, Gender) at our May 23 Webinar. Don’t miss this chance to hear about this innovative technology from Medicinal Genomics Chief Science Officer Kevin McKernan.

Kevin’s presentation will cover the following topics, and it will be followed by a brief question and answer session:

  • How youPCR works
  • Benefits of performing gender screenings in-house or sending to a lab in-state
  • How THCA and CBDA tests can be used to determine Type I, II, III, and IV plants
  • How pathogen screenings can be used to breed resistant strains
  • Proper sampling techniques for pathogen screenings
  • Benefits of using qPCR to screen plants

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