Medicinal Genomics (MGC) has a highly experienced bioinformatics team and has built a revolutionary bioinformatics technology pipeline called ZiPhyr®. The ZiPhyr® digital technology platform is where we store and analyze the vast amounts of genomic sequence information from the many different strains of cannabis plants and microbial organisms that we have analyzed. We have leveraged this unique database of complete cannabis and microbial genomes toward the development of DNA based quality control solutions for cultivators, dispensaries and testing laboratories. These solutions involve microbial screening, sex determination, strain identification as well as additional applications involving various plant characteristics that are coming soon.

The majority of MGC client solutions involve a quantitative PCR protocol that focuses on the presence/absence of a very specific DNA sequence region within the sample under analysis. This could be a DNA sequence region within the cannabis microbiome or the cannabis plant itself depending on the customer applicaton.

These various protocols are very easy and quick to perform by our clients in the field. The development and perfection of these field solutions would be impossible without our ability to mine and analyze the vast amount of cannabis/microbial DNA sequence information that has been produced within the ZiPhyr® genomic knowledge base.



ZiPhyr image